Messi claims to be justified by the Dutchman who poked the socket.

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Argentina national team striker Lionel Messi clarify the case of extra fury. The penalty shootout game won the Netherlands 4-3 rounds before yesterday’s semi-finals. Because of being insulted by Louis van Gaal the head coach of the rivals before the match Plus. During the football game the Woot Weghorns got nervous.

Viral clip on social media where Messi can’t keep his shape. After the match To the point of dropping a rough curse during an interview with ‘ TC Sports ‘ to put the mystery person behind the camera saying.  

“ What are you looking ? Get out of your sight. ” Captain Albi Celeste was furious UFABET

Recently, the local media learned that. The person who was scolded by the owner of the 7th Ballon d’Or was Van Gaal. Because of his resentment from the issue of being looked down on Messi and also eats up his friends. when he is not in possession of the ball.  

Added Paris Saint – Germain football .  

“ I don’t like what they do before the game. It’s disrespectful. Personally I respect everyone. And I want everyone to do the same. ”

“ When #19 came down ( Weghorts ) came down he started provoking us , smashing us. gossip around and around. “

“ The head coach, they have no respect for anyone. Which of course I disrespect you either. ” 

“ He boasted that the team itself wasn’t boring a beautiful pattern. But why did he bring down the big striker? And then just throw a long ball into the penalty area. It doesn’t look like it says. “

“ I think we deserved to win and qualify. ” 

Weghorst’s behavior is considered disturbing to the opponent either in the game. During the penalty shoot-out or after the actual match. Because he is still hot in the basement, troubled by Lautaro Martinez and Sergio Aguero. The legend of the Argentine national team came down to clear.