Harry Kane confident England is good enough to reach World Cup.

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England captain Harry Kane Confident that the team is good enough to reach the 2022 Football World Cup title in Qatar as well.

         Gareth Southgate’s side are set to face defending champions France in the World Cup quarter-finals in Qatar. And the Spurs striker is confident that with a growing squad ready for the next season. Advancing to World Championship Title.

         “Looking back at 2018 we didn’t know what to expect from this group. UFABET We went there with the belief that we could win. But it was almost a new experience.” Harry Kane said.

         “We reached the semi-finals and everyone was very happy. But whether we have faith that we will go and win the race or not. I’m not sure how much. But we went on and reached the Euro Final where the confidence grew.”

          “We lost in the Euros unfortunately and we enter this tournament believing we can win it. And We went into the game [against France] with more belief than we had in 2018.

         “We know we are a very good team and have a very good team in this tournament. If we lose, we will be disappointed like everyone else between us and everyone involved. We truly believe and strive to be successful.”