World Cup stimulates the beer industry the most after Covid.

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Emma McClarkin British Brewers and Pubs Association chief executive reveals that. The 2022 World Cup will stimulate domestic consumption of amber to revitalize. Take just one football game in the quarter-final round selling for no less than 26 million pounds.

Reports from ‘ Mail Sport ‘ that ahead of the England – France match. Which kicks off at 7:00 PM in the UK’s prime time plus it’s Saturday. As a result almost every household , pub , bar stocks up on beer to accompany the football match.  

It is estimated that 28 million pints of beer will be sold at live pubs across the UK, with another 50 million pints per household UFABET

On Saturday nights, beer sales are usually around 22 million pints . Demand for six million pints more – topping industry-wide £ 26m figure  

“ A pub needs a special opportunity like this. Because as usual the weather will make it difficult to sell in the winter , ” said McClarkin .  

“ We hope that at least the short-term increase in consumption during the World Cup will continue to awaken the spirit of national unity. ” 

The popularity of the England national team was awakened from the 2018 World Cup, which reached the semi-finals , and Euro 2020 , which hosted the runner-up , hoping that the 2022 World Cup could be better than before.