Rio believes Bellingham decided to join the Manchester City army.

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Former England defender Rio Ferdinand believes Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham will join Manchester City football team.

         The Three Lions midfielder is lauded for his outstanding performances at just 19. And is expected to become a world superstar among top clubs across Europe. Teams including Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid UFABET

         However, from Rio’s point of view, he believes Bellingham will eventually decide to join City to win the Premier League before moving to Real Madrid.

         “I think he’ll go to Manchester City,” Ferdinand told Vibe With Five YouTube. , I can play for Madrid in five years’ time.’

         “Don’t be in a hurry. I think he thinks ‘You know what? I will be a superstar I’m going to win the Premier League because I’m a native Englishman. And then I’ll go to Madrid and do the same for a few years.’”

The 19-year-old is contracted to Dortmund until mid-2025 having arrived from Birmingham City in 2020 for a reported €25m. And an expensive sell-off deal. The best of the Birmingham club as well. Before he had outstanding performances. Become the main player of the team and already attached to the England national team. He has been linked with a number of Premier League clubs, particularly Liverpool with Bellingham returning to England to feature in the Champions League.