Neuer broken leg after ski tour must be out for the remainder.

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Manuel Neuer the Bayern Munich’s work for the agency was wrongly created. When an accident occurred on a ski tour. resulting in a broken leg Must be out for the remainder of the 2022-23 football season.

Neuer’s 2022 FIFA World Cup preliminary elimination by captaining Germany was the last of two consecutive World Cup group stage losses  UFABET

A few weeks later, the 36 – year-old had to say goodbye to the season despite not even halfway through. 

“ I don’t know which words to choose to say. It deserves to end the year with better things happening right now. ” Instagram.

“ Trying to gather consciousness. He told me that while on a ski tour, he had an accident that broke his lower leg. ” 

 Operation was performed yesterday, overall smooth. Thank you very much to the medical team !”

 However, it hurts to know that my season has come to an end.” 

“ Take care of yourself – best wishes Neuer of you. ” 

It will be interesting to see how Bayern will solve the situation when they only have Sven Ulreich (34 years ) and Johanns Schenk (19 years ) as back-up to send against Paris Saint-Germain round of 16 , the CL team is equal to suicide .

“ Yesterday’s surgery went well. Thank you all doctors However, it hurts to know that the current season is over for me. ”